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Our dedicated community of 50-plus singles requires no credit card, and actually has no paid "upgrade" requirements whatsoever. We are totally free, and we encourage older singles to come on in, be sociable, and connect with some great friendly people near you.

Life Experience Matters

While most online dating sites try to cater to all ages, we have a community that is dedicated to others like yourself that have a bit of life experience under their belt! So you won't find a bunch of kids in our 50-Plus community - just quality singles in a mature age group that are seeking genuine lasting connections. It is tough at any age to find a soul mate, but if you have similar tastes and shared cultural references your chances can only increase. Many people underestimate the importance of these things.

Fewer Scam Artists

We recognize that scammers love to target an older demographic such as ours, so Matchopolis has several technologies to continuously remove them from the site. This helps our members to find genuine connections with sincere and very real singles. (Hint: If someone who lives far away seems "too good to be true", it's time to get skeptical!)

Does online dating actually work?

Yes. (Did you expect us to say anything else?) If it's been a while since you've been single, you may have been surprised to learn that online dating has gone completely mainstream, and that the majority of singles (of all ages) have signed up. Just ask some of your recently married friends where they met their partner, and chances are at least a third of them connected online. Those marriages are usually quite stable and happy too, lucky for them!

Meet Someone Local

People on the site are located in all the major cities and regions of English speaking countries. You won't be stuck talking to people in Azerbaijan... unless you happen to live in Azerbaijan. We want you to meet real people, and honestly there is no substitute for a genuine face to face meeting with a cute potential partner.

Are you in the right place?

Matchopolis has several communities that people can join, each one being completely separate. If you're a younger adult we have an all-ages community, and for same-sex dating please check out our men seeking men or women seeking women communities.

One-Page Signup

Have a look at our One-Page Signup. (You shouldn't have to fill out a 5 page dossier about yourself just to meet someone great.)

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