As you carefully try to uncover the secrets of those who possess meaning to you, you never really seem to grasp the truth. This is because one's true self will forever be imprisoned behind the false sense of security that is the body. We are nothing but skin and bones. Capable of love, yes, but also capable of pain. Pain...a word that is but a fleeting memory. The meaning of this word is solely too foul to utter. My heart has encased this feeling far too long. It has become a part of me. Without pain, there can be no happiness. Happiness...a word so uplifting, it can make your heart skip a beat. I never really felt true happiness until I became fully self-aware. Now we move on to the four letter word that is so delicate it can make your heart skip a beat, but is so murderous it can inflict the deepest wounds and leave the most hideous scars. Love. Oh, I have used this word far too many times for all the wrong reasons. It is a word I adore, yet fear at the same time. I will never really come to terms with it. As you read this, there is probably a single word passing through your train of thought; freak. Well my dear, I am indeed a freak. Though not for the reasons you are claiming. Only because I reflect all of my true self. I have become one with my flaws, insecurities and mistakes and utilized them to my advantage, which is why I am so deeply hated. This hatred bothers me not in the least bit; I have actually become quite fond of it. Everyone in this universe has flaws. Embrace them. Love them. Those who hate have nothing but insecurities. I am an individual of independence. Even though I do believe and trust in God above all, I try to have as much faith in myself as possible. You cannot get anywhere in life if you don't have the strength and belief in yourself that you can fight on your own until your very last breath, until the very last word that escapes your lips.I can easily be your best friend, your greatest ally, if you've whole-heartedly exposed your true being and instilled within me a sense of trust. I suppose this is the point where I can depart, but before I go, let me leave you with this little piece of advice; life is about falling, living is about getting back up. -Lenore Rose Nevermore/Lucian Vladimir Nevermore -Vampire (Sanguinarian/Otherkin) -19 -Pansexual -Graysexual -Agender (they/them pronouns only) -Single -Alternative -Body Modification -Egalitarian -Freak -Rebel -Otaku -Writer -Artist -Tattooist -Roleplayer -Paranormal Investigator -Extra Dimensional Traveler -Fashion Designer -Model -Photographer -Music Lover -Dancer -Catholic -Gamer -Fitness Buff -Nature and Universe Enthusiast -Hair and Makeup Artist -Psychic -Singer/Songwriter/Composer -Crystal Child -Pro-Life -Future Violinist and Pianist -Adrenaline Junkie -Vegan -420 Friendly If you cannot begin a conversation with more than "hey," you need not inquire. . I am one of the most open-minded people alive and it saddens me to say that there are few others out there who share the same mindset. I'm at peace with and confident in myself, so if I'm not what you're looking for, the door is always open. Everything happens for a reason and I'm content allowing my life to take its proper course. Atheism, excessive drug/alcohol use and being overweight/unfit are my only non-negotiables. I can overlook most things others cannot. I'm simply sick of people wasting my time. If you've bothered to read my profile in its entirety, I thank you. I am looking for someone to love and grow with on all levels. If you think you'd like to learn more about me and are looking for someone who will disregard your past, accept your present and encourage your future as I will, I'm only a message away.

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22 year old Woman, in Seaside Park, New Jersey, USA


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