Sincerely seeking one who is sincerely open

Gogeet - While strolling through the Park one day
While strolling through the Park one day

I am fun and funny and I mean funny and a couple of different ways. Funny as an amusing and funny as in Peculiar. Please don't worry about the peculiarity, I say that simply to make note of the reality that I live an alternate lifestyle that is peculiar or could be perceived funny by most in the mainstream. I'm enigmatic, great sense of humor, serious, adoring and adorable. I have strong communication skills and live as a semi pragmatic dreamer. I am actually, really, authentically interested in meeting, connecting and establishing a beautiful loving relationship with a real live female! My parameters are broad when considering potential partners. For me, the very most important consideration isn't a consideration, it is the deep resonant feeling, the energies received, stirred and appreciated when in combination with another. I am less concerned with details like geography, age, finances and physical particulars and more concerned with how we feel together. One could be a Goddess and still fail to attract me if they are, say, the Goddess of War, or the Goddess of Pestilence. I want openness and kindness, gentleness and consideration. I am willing to offer that which I want. That said, I am an extremist in that I am very much devoted to my beliefs about DEgrowth and minimizing consumption. Although not a deal breaker if much else aligns, this bias does figure into the relationship equation. I am also very much into offering a lot of physical touch and acts of service and would love it if my partner was willing and grateful to receive. I am an idealist, a romantic and a realist. I know myself very well. I like myself and enjoy myself. I want to have a partner that believes contentment, ease and joy is available in relationship, and is willing to reach for the starts. "Idealism is the Highest form of Realism" OXXO In case you still wanted more info, I offer the following. Enjoy! ved deeply in misguided ways. Perhaps that could just be said to be young! I continued working in physical jobs with increasing amounts of responsibility. I felt validated through my professional, physical and sexual prowess. I used alcohol and drugs to fill in the cracks of my facade. I married young and have great admiration for my ex-wife and mother of my two children for tolerating me for as long as she did. When she left with our kids my facade cracked irreparably. I was broken and shaken into a healing crisis. I began in earnest up a healing path. I say "up" because initially the path was steep, dark, scary and painful. That was over 20 years ago and I climbed high, including leaving my addictions behind. I now gratefully stride the wide expanse of celebration that issues from a consciously cultivated sense of gratitude for my life, including all the hurdles along the way. I am a deep thinker who works to redirect thought to awareness. I have spent years doing weekly water fasts, and successfully completed many longer fasts. Fasting has taught me much, especially about the world of consumption and the consumers by whom it is perpetuated. I could speak at length about these realizations. If you are interested please let me know. All my beliefs, visions, and intuition leads me to believe that from a spiritual perspective, service is the most important occupation. I want to support all who manifest in my consciousness and believe there is always some way of offering Love. Of course we are more than spirit and I strive to care for my physical body with loving kindness. I have practiced yoga and meditation for almost 20 years. I love to live an active life, including using a bicycle as my primary means of transportation around the small town I call home. Because I live on an island in the pacific (Haida Gwaii) I am able to ride my bike all year round. I eat mostly fruits and seeds. I lived for over 10 years on a raw diet, but now eat some cooked food to stave off the chill blanes.

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57 year old Man, in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 6' 2"
Body type: average
Ethnicity: mixed race
Smoking: non-smoker
Drinking: non-drinker
Have children?: yes, but not living with
Income: modest
Education: didn't finish high school
Religion: other
Lifestyle: quite active
Personality: somewhat quiet
Interests: cycling, running/jogging, cross-country skiing, camping, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, picnics, relaxing on the beach, walking (fitness), walking (pleasure), shooting, stargazing, yoga, movies, museums/galleries


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